Resarton Books (Publisher)

Publishing History


In 1997 the author started to place into book form details of what had happened when he was studying at university

in 1974-76 and events that took place on later dates. The book was produced in 1998 with the title "Forgery". It

was censored.


The book was revised and published (but censored) in November 2000 with the title "Minus One is Forgery".


He wrote more books on the subject. Most of the new details in these books are on the numerous corrupt actvities

of gx1 (a high level government official) that had taken place before, during and after the 1974-76 university years.

The books were published as follows.


"The Cathays Files" 1st edition, published in February 2006, contains what is in Minus One is Forgery (with small

revisions) plus new chapters.


"The Cathays Files" 6th edition, published in March 2011, contains what is in The Cathays Files 1st edition with the

chapter "1994 - on the 1979/80 Hits" (which gives details of the October 1980 government false evidence plant)

expanded to give a lot more detail (from 3 pages to 11 pages). There are also new chapters.


"The Cathays Files" 9th edition, published in December 2013, contains what is in The Cathays Files 6th edition with

the six chapters 1985 to 1990 edited into a short one chapter summary ("1985-90"). There are also new chapters.


"The Cathays Files 25", 2nd edition, published this year, summarises the previous books on this affair, and at the same time it makes many things clearer and more accurate. It contains a lot of new material that is not in the earlier books.


"Cathays 438", 3rd edition, also published this year, is an abbreviated form of The Cathays Files 25, 2nd edition. It gives some additional details and comments.