Our Pricing Policy


The price of our complete edition ebooks is higher than the usual price for ebooks. We here give you an explanation for this.


Manor Bier and The Cathays Files have been in preparation for a number of years. During the whole of this time all of their editions have been censored by the authorities. And that means no income from the books for us (with one small exception in 2001).


Time spent writing and updating the books together with printing costs (many preview copies have been printed over the years) has meant that the author has had to borrow a lot of money. He repaid some of the money in 2014 by the sale of a house that he part owned. Our ebook prices are meant (together with the sale of our hardbacks) to give us enough to pay the loans off completely and make up for lost income.


There is a bit more to say. We would like high street bookshops to stay in place and for this to happen they have to sell books in their hardback and paperback forms. Having our complete edition ebooks at a higher price (the same price as the hardbacks) means many people who would have gone for the cheap ebook will choose the hardback instead, and if they buy it from a high street bookshop they will be helping to keep them in business (note that the public can only buy our hardbacks from retail booksellers, not directly from us).


Resarton Books (Publisher)