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Resarton Books (Publisher)





Manor Bier - Forgery, Fraud and Government Hits



Format: mp3

Edition: 4th

Duration: 2hrs 24mins
RRP: £

ISBN: 9781999865481

Size:  77 mb

Publication date:  18th June 2018


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This audiobook is an abridgement of Manor Bier 12th edition in hardback. It concentrates on:

(i) what happened in two universities (forgery and fraud).

(ii) a government cover up that consisted of a first part in which the author's 'suicide' was aimed for, and then, when that didn't take place, a second part in which an electron bullet was used to metaphorically kill him (destroy his case).

(iii) some of Group X's activities.






Format: epub

Edition: 4th

Size: 310 kb
RRP: £

ISBN: 9781999865474

Publication date: 18th June 2018


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This epub is the above audiobook in written form.