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The non-fiction book illustrated above is an abridgement of The Cathays Files, 9th edition, with additional material. The book details events that took place mostly in Britain.


Earlier editions of Manor Bier and all editions of The Cathays Files have been censored (completely blacked out) by the government.


We here give you some of what is contained in Manor Bier.


The author lived through two attempts to murder him in 1967/68 to ensure he didn't go to university and stop his potentially very successful rugby career. These were carried out using the 'accident' method which means they were not reported to the police at the time.


In 1974 he started a university course.


In 1975, as a result of some odd occurrences that took place when he was in university he became aware of the covert activities of a small group of people, Group X, he knew they were out to ensure he wasn't very successful in life. Group X comprised of a policeman and two ex-policemen. They stopped his university study.


In 1977 there were two more attempts to kill him by 'accident'. Again he came through them alive.


In 1981 he started to use civil court proceedings to straighten out some of the odd occurrences that had taken place when he was in university in 1974/76. In 1982 he reported some of these "occurrences" to the police.


In 1987 the police confirmed that he had been given forged documents (altered question papers) by university staff when he was studying at university in 1975.


Right up to the present time the police, the prosecution authorities, and the government, have all said nothing about the attempted or part completed plans to murder referred to above. They have also given no explanation for why a prosecution has not been started when the police have said they have forged documents.

  Manor Bier 10th edition