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The above book is non-fiction. It details numerous corrupt activities arranged by some influential officials in this country, amongst these are the criminal acts of forgery and using forged documents carried out by university staff in the course of their employment.


Some of their activities were about to get out, uncovered, and so the "officials" extended their influence to arrange a government cover up (false evidence was planted into the situation by government officials).


Then a few years later the police accepted, confirmed, that the forgery referred to above had taken place. Government censorship was immediately applied to the situation.


The first attempt to publish a book about it was made in 1998. It was censored. Since then numerous revisions/additions have over the years been made to the book (including new titles). The censorship stayed in place.


The censorship has ceased. Which means the public can buy the book in it's latest form (pictured above) and in itís earlier forms (see the Our Books page in this website).





A bit more on what is contained in Manor Bier is as follows.


The author lived through two attempts to murder him in 1967/68 to ensure he didn't go to university and stop his potentially very successful rugby career. These were carried out using the 'accident' method which means he did not realise anyone was trying to kill him, hence what had happened was not reported to the police.


In 1974 he started a full time university course.


In 1975, as a result of some odd occurrences that took place when he was in university he became aware of the covert activities of a small group of people, Group X, he knew they were out to ensure he wasn't very successful in life. Group X comprised of a policeman and two ex-policemen. They stopped his university study.


In 1977 there were two more attempts to kill him by 'accident' (again he did not realise anyone was trying to kill him).


In 1981 he started to use civil court proceedings to straighten out some of the odd occurrences that had taken place when he was in university in 1974/76. In 1982 he reported some of these "occurrences" to the police.


In 1987 the police confirmed that he had been given forged documents (altered question papers) by university staff when he was studying at university in 1975. A prosecution should have been started but it wasn't (the police knew who used, handed out, the forged documents, and they most probably knew who made them). The situation was censored.


The censorship has meant that the government has not had to give an explanation for their highly irregular actions (blocking a prosecution and censoring).


The press have an important part to play here. Placing details of this affair in newspapers will mean the government will have to produce answers.


In the book the author puts questions to a number of people. Some of them were involved in some way or other with his attempts to get the situation properly resolved in the years 1978 to 1990. These include questions to two ex-Secretaries of State for Wales, the Queen (brought into it by university regulations), the South Wales Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Manor Bier - 13th edition




Since 1998 the books that have been written by THIS AUTHOR have been censored by the government. The censorship is now at an end.